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Get Rid of That Damp Dog Smell

Removing entrenched pet hair from carpets is a monumental task. Despite the best efforts of many homeowners, (or most carpet cleaners) most people are unable to fully remove all the furry clumps from deep within their carpet weave. Hair is ground in, like velcro, down into the deepest layers of your carpet, near the backing. MOST vacuums do not provide enough agitation or suction to bring this hair to the surface.

Our system utilizes a rotary brush attached to a very powerful floor machine. The weight of the machine along with the stiff, yet gentle, bristles allow our system to extract heavy and usually ‘hidden’ contaminates in your carpets.

If you have pets, especially long-haired dogs, there is no better process to remove the ground in pet hair than the CitruSolution process. When our competitors clean your carpets they load them up with soap and water… but leave behind gallons and gallons of moisture in your carpets. It’s like having a wet dog for a few days, because it quite LITERALLY is… a wet dog.

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