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Red Wine Stains and Carpets

Wine can cause nasty stains, but only if it’s left unattended. Fortunately, if caught soon enough wine shouldn’t be anything to be upset about.

Start your wine removal with cold water and a white towel. It’s imperative that you use both of these things as warm water can create an environment for any stain to be flushed ‘deeper’ into your carpet fibers. Colored towels may transfer color to your beautiful white or off-white carpets, and won’t show you how much wine you’ve absorbed during your cleaning process.

Start by blotting up as much of the wine as possible. Be gentle and do not push the wine down into the carpet fibers. If one towel is filled with wine, switch it out for another. After you’ve switched towels, utilize tap cold (or even better, ice) water and apply lightly to the area. You will notice that the wine will be ‘diluted’ and will seem to lift up from the carpets. Immediately blot and dab to soak up the water and wine mixture. Take extra care not to push down the wine deep into the carpet, as this may set the wine into the pad underneath your carpet, causing a re-occurring stain.

Repeat this process until the wine has been completely removed. Keep in mind, this is the cleaning method for fresh wine stains. Set-in wine stains will require a much more comprehensive, professional cleaning.

Because wine is organic, it is best dissolved in an organic solvent. With solvents, like dissolves like. This is why CitruSolution is so effective at removing red wine stains. If you have a set in wine stain that simply will not go away, call us today for the best cleaning money can buy.

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